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Free as in Totally Free: No strings attached.

You won't be asking for donations?
Thanks be to God, I can maintain and manage the cost of the website on my own, so I won't be asking you for money any time soon, or, hopefully never. The only case where I might solicit some help would be if the downloads of the podcasts exceed 15,000 a month, which would be, well, unexpected.
What information do you keep about your subscribers?
The two pieces of information I retain are the user name and the email you provided. You provide this information in one of three ways:
  1. You had an account on the previous version of this site.
  2. You asked a question, or
  3. You subscribed to a podcast.
Do you sell this information to anyone?
The short answer is: nope. The long answer is: nope. This is a service not a business.
What benefit do I get if I subscribe?
If you subscribe you will be alerted when the next Qorbono Q&A episode is out, or when I add or modify an episode of another podcast. That's about it.
Can I ask any question?
You may ask a question related to Scripture or to moral conduct. For instance, you may ask "Does God predestine anyone to heaven? What about predestining someone to hell?" or you might ask "Is munching before supper considered a sin of gluttony?" These are direct, concise and clear questions. Avoid questions which are vague, or which have nothing to do with Scripture, or the Faith. Examples of these might be, "Do I need to pray?" or "What is the bible about?" or again, "Is Eve a bad woman?" Take time to think to frame your question so I know how best to answer it.
Will you reveal my user name when reading my question?
I will not, unless you expressly ask me to do so when you write your question.

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